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“Tuning You In”

Pregnancy, Infant, New Mother Reiki, and Tuning Forks Sessions

What is A Tuning Fork?

A Tuning fork is a vibrational tool used for generations as a gentle, yet powerfully effective means of moving stagnant energy in the body and elevating positive energy in the body. A tuning fork is a two-prong acoustic resonator that omits a vibration, and or a sound that helps create inner peace, and energetic balance.

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Tuning Fork Sessions

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Like Reiki, tuning forks can assist in harmonious restoration of peace, joy, and inner balance. When used in accompaniment with Reiki, the two modalities together can enhance well-being by enveloping the individual in positive frequencies, with a blissful outcome.

Infant And Baby Wellbeing

The most beautiful gift you can give your infant is on-going Reiki sessions to remind their body and spirit of the transcendental force of Love by which they were created from. The Mother-World that your babe grew in was calm, soothing, emotionally joyful, and harmonious. The human world in which we are born into is often chaotic, busy, emotionally stressful, and fractioning. To raise a balanced child is to offer from infancy on, the pathways to peacefulness. Reiki is a clear path
to calming the central nervous system, bringing balance, and greater joy to your infant and toddler.

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Some potential benefits of Infant and baby Reiki Tuning Fork Sessions:

 Better and less disturbed sleep
 Nursing and latching on ease
 Calmer baby
 Soothing Colic
 Possible immunity benefits
 May reduce teething stress/pain

New Parent Peace Sessions:

The joys of bringing home a new baby often come with the overwhelming feelings of having your world turned upside down, your sleep disturbed, your healthy patterns pushed to the side, and your own well-being at risk. The gift of a New Parent Peace Session for you and your spouse or as a gift to the New Parents you love, is one that will never be forgotten. This unique and memorable gift includes an individual session for each parent to include Reiki and calming Tuning forks, aligning the new parent to a peaceful serenity, helping to reduce stress, and offers a restorative sense of well-being and greater ease to their new parent journey.

How to schedule with Rebecca

Covid Protocols: Rebecca follows all Covid protocols with the highest intention. She is vaccinated and boosted, wears masks while in public spaces, and will offer services outside during appropriate weather, and inside when weather shifts. Your comfort and safety and that of your baby is her primary focus in all she does.

 Pregnant Mother
 Newborn and Infant Reiki
 New Mother Reiki
 New Parent Peace Sessions

Schedule with Rebecca by email:

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