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“Tuning You In”

Pregnancy, Infant, New Mother Reiki,
and Tuning Forks Sessions

What is Reiki/Reiki Master?

Reiki is energy from the Source of Love, however you see that Source. It flows through every living Being. Many cultures have worked with this energy for thousands of years. Some cultures call it Ki, Chi, or Holy Spirit to name a few. Reiki as a spiritual healing art is a hands-on, or hands hovering energy assisting. The Reiki practitioner assists the client in accepting therapeutic energy.

There are three levels of Attunement in Reiki. Attunement is a ceremony, where the Reiki student is “awakened” to a greater flow of energy in their own body. Attunement is unique in each stage from level one, level two, to Master level. The Reiki student often feels quite different after attunement, sensing their own natural energy shift. Reiki level one is a beginner’s level, Reiki level two is a moderate level, and the Reiki Master, which often takes many weeks or months to obtain the Master attunement, is channeled into the Reiki student as an elevated energetic expression. Reiki Master often cultivate greater mastery as they practice on themselves and others.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine but does not take the place of conventional health care.

How Reiki Works

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Reiki works on all areas of the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki energy helps strengthen the body, assists in eliminating toxins, and blockages brought on from stress and anxiety or unhealthy living and working patterns. The body’s natural intelligence is supported and strengthened through Reiki allowing for harmonious rhythms to restore balance, peace, self-love, and increased support of the immune system, raising consciousness and clarity to the individual.


What to expect from your Reiki Session:


Most clients experience a deep state of relaxation and sense
of great peace. Reiki sessions are generally 30, 60, or 90 minutes in duration depending on the needs of the individual. Unlike massage therapy, the client is fully clothed at all times, with shoes removed. Most sessions included reclining on a massage table. Some sessions include sitting in a chair upright. During mild climates, Reiki sessions can be held outdoors in a shaded area, using Nature as a healing assistant, and enjoying the sounds and sensations of wind and waves, or the uplifting calls of birds, and the energy of trees. Indoor Reiki sessions may include, as requested, soft background music or windchimes. Your Reiki session may include hands on, with a light touch. For those who wish for hands-off, Reiki can be administered through hovering the hands slightly over the body. You will be asked your preference before we begin your session.


Reiki Sensations:


The sensations often reported from a Reiki session may include any and all of the
* Warming sensation from the Reiki Master’s hands
* Waves of positive energy flowing over your body
* Tingling sensations as the Reiki is delivered
* Calming serenity during and after the Reiki session


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