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Resiliency Program Organizational Collaborations

Resiliency - The Ability to Adapt to Adversity

Mental Resiliency: Mindset matters, and Mindfulness is a stronger structure than mindlessness.

Physical Resiliency: Homeostasis, the condition of a stable body, to include pH, blood pressure, weight, oxygen levels, to name a few. A harmonic system includes meditation, nutrient rich diet, proper sleep, in alignment with the Circadian Rhythm, along with deep connections to trusted others.

Energetic Resiliency: Toning your body, mind, and spirit with energetic frequencies, Reiki, and sound therapy. As an energetic Being, a focus on your energy points, letting go of stress, and still time would help regulate your central nervous system.

Interpersonal Resiliency: Moving past repetitive automated responses to find your unlimited interpersonal potential. Healing your relationship with self, others, and allowing for collaboration with expansive results.

Environmental Resiliency: Creating an environment at home, at your place of work, and in your community that aligns you, supports your productivity and serenity needs. Awareness of what is discomforting allows for clarity of direction to creating exceptional comfort with Feng Shui practices, color and light therapy, sound and space comfort. Along with removing toxins from your home/office environment, choosing safer holistic cleaners, body care products, lawn care, and even the fibers you sleep on and wear.

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